About the Commission on Marine Cartography

The mission of the ICA is to promote the disciplines and professions of Cartography and GIScience in an international context, ensuring that both sciences are employed to maximum effect and full potential for the benefit of society.

A significant and relevant field is defined as Marine Cartography and ICA supports the field representing the expert voice of cartography through the Commission on Marine Cartography.

ICA has been active within the field of marine cartography through the activities of the ICA Commission on Marine Cartography.

The main goal of the Commission is to disseminate information on Marine Cartography as the ICA Expert Marine Cartography Focus Group to ICA members and to other affiliated organizations, covering research on cartography relating to the visualisation and management of ocean data.

Membership of the Commission is open to those persons affiliated through their national cartographic member of ICA who have a professional interest in marine cartography.